Folkcraft of Fukushima Prefectureの最近の記事

It is this parentheses as for a typical thing of the Miharu [hako] doll that it is Fukushima Prefecture, and is the folkcraft of Miharu.


[**tsudumi] (parentheses) is a percussion instrument used by traditional court music. A kind of hand drum. It puts on transverse, and right and left both sides are stricken in front of of the player with a drumstick that is made the point like [dankuri]. It is used ..easy Tang Dynasty it.., and it has conductor's role. Three [no] hand drum is used in easy Koma. (From Wikipedia. )[**tsudumi] (parentheses) applying, and it is a work described momentarily in there is a throb feeling of the woman who is dancing, and a typical masterpiece of the Miharu papier-mache the dance percussing it with the drumstick of both hands around of my stomach in this work. Moreover, [bun;you] etc. of the flower drawn in clothes are drawn very delicate and beautifully.

It is [hako] of popular Miharu as the folk toy of "[Hako] of Miharu" Japan.
[Hako] of Miharu has peculiar individuality like the expressions etc. of an appearance that the movement at the moment is caught and vivid eyes.
Miharu is land that the parents' home and Miharu lord Tamura family of [datematsurigotoshuusei] room [aihime] were governing. It is said that it is an origin for the four kings of the Tamura family for general's named [hashimotokei] clan to return to the farm alone, to mimic the technique of the bank doll of Sendai where the soil is made in the raw material, and to have started the production of the doll in respect of [hako] with Japanese paper.