Folkcraft of Tokyoの最近の記事

The bamboo basket or the yellowtail dog (It is a bamboo hat or a yellowtail dog) is a dog of papier-mache known as a toy of Edo (Asakusa). There is no dog ..putting on the bamboo basket...
The dog is a good luck talisman that is said that the manitou is honestly excluded, a main kindness is not forgotten, and it has an easy labor and growth is good, and prays for celebration of birthday and the infant's growth as child's defense at the Heian era.

It is done to this bamboo basket or yellowtail dog's nose that it hangs it on the room of the sleeping infant through "Paper string". Then, it is said that child's nose will become trivial.
"Bamboo =" ..".. is said by "Dog" in child's [muzugaranai] charm in one theory becoming ..laughter..".
Moreover, the bamboo basket or the yellowtail dog is known from easy delivery as guard of "Easy delivery" as for dog's birth.