Yamagata folkcraftの最近の記事

[Katanaho] Sasano 1([sasanoi] and [ubori]) is a famous belief toy that is succeeded for hundreds of 1000 years by the farmer in Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa City and the Sasano village and has completed.
Especially, 9 generation in Yonezawa feudal lord's [uesugitakayamakou] (way slander) stopped 1 [katanaho] [noni] eyes, it was encouraged as shutting and a seeing side job of winter, that is, no [ugokitore] of the heavy snow, and it became the income source of winter of this local farmer.
As the special product of the Yonezawa City Sasano district, it is typical folkcraft of Yonezawa now.
The especially famous because of the average one[Poppo] ([otakapoppo]) ..".." of hawk
Do , saying that "[Poppo]" though it thinks "Hawk" to be understanding that it is a hawk? The meaning of "[Poppo]" toy is said.
It is said that [uesugitakayama] was encouraged to need to come most, and to decorate the hawk that enters hawk's strength and one character of an own name in addition as an amulet.
The shape of hawk's body made from especially one tree can see the shape that in the form of the hawk it being made consent to there is not so much cutting plane, is piled up traditionally, and studied. Moreover, the shape etc. of the wing in a right and left wing and the back are especially artistically made.