Cup and ball【 Toy in the world 】

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The cup and ball is a toy where it plays worldwide in various countries.

けん玉 剣玉

It sharps at the end, and the ball of yen to which it previously costs the string that is called "Tendon" including the part of the plate on a round cylinder shape and side is said, "Gem".
It is "Tendon gem. " additionally both.

It seems to be a toy the record of loving three generations of Henri king France etc. apparently and having played with the tendon gem remains, too and with the history very much. By the way, it is said that the root of the tendon gem of this now is [biruboke] of France where three Henri generations etc. visited it.
It is said near Edo period the introduction to Japan, it knows the person named [shinsetsu] Kitamura, and the thing that there is a description "[Kobushitama(kendama)] of 67 years in Yasunaga and ..saying.. [mono] [da**] worth" in written '[Yorokoaso] [warami] (coming [yu] cormorant fisherman [ran])' is known.
In addition at that time ..this.., the tendon gem is a drinker in the seat of sake it... It is a way to do the tendon gem.




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