Goldfish Nebuta【 folkcraft of Aomori Prefecture 】

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The festival of Aomori is [woshita] Nebuta as for the shape of the goldfish sold in the Nebuta festival.
This is said, "Goldfish Nebuta".


The history seems not to be so old though to begin with, there seems to be a theory said making for [hikomo].
The picture of this goldfish Nebuta seems to come out when the book on the history is referred year of Tenmei.

As for modeling, the goldfish named the Tsugaru brocade ([tsugarunishiki]) is acting as a model on what acting as a model this goldfish.

The Tsugaru brocade seeming had been a goldfish that only the samurai in the Tsugaru clan was able to keep, and was called "Ground metal fish" from the goldfish of the land special in year of Tenmei of Edo period.
However, once, this Tsugaru brocade that continued since Edo period has been exterminated. Therefore, it is had to restore the Tsugaru brocade from other some goldfishes' crossbreeds at the early modern age, and arrives today.

Why was this goldfish made Nebuta?Seeming not to understand a formal reason of thing : in general people's holding the yearning in this Tsugaru brocade because only the samurai of Establishment was able to breed, and having assumed Nebuta ..seeming be said...




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