[Ejiko] doll of kokeshi doll【 kokeshi doll 】

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"Infant [**]" comes to "Getting [jiko]".
"Getting [jiko]" puts my baby in the basket when the farmer of the farmer in Tohoku is doing the labour for farming of the field labor etc. , and is a basket knit with the straw that puts the baby protected so as not to go out.
Round baby bed that can be taken out to the outside?Or, the cradle?(Do not shake. )[Toieru] of [noyounamo].
It is "Doll of [ejiko] of the kokeshi doll. " that the appearance that the baby has entered this "Getting [jiko]" was made as a doll of the wood carving.
Because a very lovely appearance was done with the kokeshi doll, was this appearance adopted for the doll?




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