[kako] of Miharu. Parentheses. Craft goods and folkcraft of toy

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It is this parentheses as for a typical thing of the Miharu [hako] doll that it is Fukushima Prefecture, and is the folkcraft of Miharu.


[**tsudumi] (parentheses) is a percussion instrument used by traditional court music. A kind of hand drum. It puts on transverse, and right and left both sides are stricken in front of of the player with a drumstick that is made the point like [dankuri]. It is used ..easy Tang Dynasty it.., and it has conductor's role. Three [no] hand drum is used in easy Koma. (From Wikipedia. )[**tsudumi] (parentheses) applying, and it is a work described momentarily in there is a throb feeling of the woman who is dancing, and a typical masterpiece of the Miharu papier-mache the dance percussing it with the drumstick of both hands around of my stomach in this work. Moreover, [bun;you] etc. of the flower drawn in clothes are drawn very delicate and beautifully.



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