What is the kokeshi doll ?

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The kokeshi doll is a wooden doll from about the end of Edo era that came to be sold to the hot spring in the Tohoku region chiefly as a souvenir for [nadode] and the person staying at a spa to cure a disease, etc.It seems to have been the one to draw eyes, noses, mouths, and patterns in the kokeshi doll with the growth of a child with the Indian ink and dyestuff in what cradled as a souvenir of the toy. The child cherished this by shouldering, and holding.
It is often an diameter to be able to thin the neck so that the infant may grasp easily, and to be able to grasp the body by child's hand.
It develops into an adult ornamental use, and there are a lot of collectors now, too. The kokeshi doll had the person where the hobby person willingly collected kokeshi dolls at Taisho Period though there were a lot of people who collected toys today, too. Groups of those who collected by the collection of kokeshi dolls in the city (Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka) etc. were made.




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