Matryoshka doll【 folkcraft of Russia 】 (Матрёшка、Matryoshka doll)

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The Matryoshka doll  is dolls of typical folkcraft of Russia. The name of Matryoshka comes from Russian woman's name and the pet name of [matoryo-na] (Matryona).
It is possible to divide up and down in the part in the body, and the doll of a small one after another girl has entered the average of the doll of the person of most outside [ookina] [onna]. It becomes a nested structure this being repeated one after another and it says.

Matryoshka was a design somehow like the Asian girl, and the prototype might have become theory [moamoarimasukara] that it was a nest doll of Hakone in Japan and an Oriental face in the origin of Matryoshka, too.



Matryoshka becomes famous worldwide as folkcraft of Russia because it took the bronze medal in Paris Exposition in 1900, and various Matryoshka seems to have come to be made in various parts of Russia.

There seem variously to be one that the one other than man like the one, the animal, and the design, etc. where the celebrity like the president etc. is drawn were drawn etc. now though it is the original one in the Matryoshka doll that the woman is drawn.





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